Old Code, Abandoned or Neglected Software

Do you have software or even hardware that has been neglected or abandoned?
Little or no documentation? No one remembers the last time it was updated?
The previous person is no longer available.
We can review your situation, the software and hardware current status including security review and help you develop a plan forward.
Developer documentation for current and future coders to have a head-start in support, updating, and troubleshooting is an often overlooked process when designing in house software.
Old code or application need updating or replacement, We do that.

Data analysis, Big data, Business intelligence tools

You have data,  a lot of data about a lot of things, what can you do with it? We are here to help you understand your data and how you can use it to improve your business processes.
Properly drive your marketing efforts or customer relations events, find bottlenecks in processes or manufacturing. We can help you understand your data and develop, install, suggest tools(software) so you can easily understand and make decision to improve customer sevice, bussiness process, manufactuing process, cash flow, increase revenue, and more.

New office network design and install

Building a new office or building? We can help you plan for your IT infrastucture (Big words for where, which, how wires should be run) to be the most effective. We are experienced in network designs from  a one computer small office to several thousand networked devices across multiple locations. No job to big.

HIPAA compliance and Privacy concerns

Do you work with medical records or other private data?
Are you in compliance with HIPPA?
It is not difficult to be in compliance and we can help you understand what you need to do with your system as well as provide training to your staff.
HIPPAA compliance training of your staff is of vital importance to prevent accidental breaches.
Do you know what to do when your system has been accessed illegally?
Would you know if it was accessed illegally?
We can help.

Mobile applications

Need a mobile application to collect data from your field crew, salesmen, marketing team, construction team, etc.
You can have real time data updates or end of day updates of your teams status or any other data you wish to collect

Anything to do with computers, internet, software, hardware or other technology,
We probably do that.

Site survey and recommendations,
Yes, We do that too.