Facebook posts trick you into revealing Banking Security Questions.

Have you seen a post on Facebook that will tell you your superhero name based on the day and month you were born? Ask yourself of all your online banking accounts, paypal, or other online accounts what did you use as a security question. These post are designed to help identity theft and/or fraudsters access your accounts. Banks, PayPal, Apple, Google wallet, Facebook and thousands of other sites use security questions to help verify that you are really you on the other side of the computer screen. That is all useless if you share that information on social media sites such as Facebook. Here is a list of the most common security questions I have seen that most people many people give away the answer to by responding to posts that seem fun but are designed to get your information.

What is your mothers maiden name? Using Facebook it is a simple as checking family members last names. Your maternal uncles last name is the same as your mothers maiden name.

What road/street did you grow up on? Ever seen a post where the street you grew up on was part of your fill in the blank name?

Favorite or First pet?
Favorite  color?

First car?

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